Lexmark Markvision Enterprise 4.0

Lexmark Releases Markvision Enterprise 4.0 Printer Fleet Management Solution

Lexmark, a global imaging solutions leader,  announced the launch of a significant upgrade to its Markvision Enterprise (MVE) printer fleet management solution. MVE 4.0 software, available today at no cost to Lexmark customers, includes universal configuration which allows users to quickly and easily create configurations that apply to all Lexmark models*, scalable to thousands of networked print and multi-function devices.

„Enterprise customers are looking for ways to enhance security while reducing the burden on IT staff. We upgraded Markvision Enterprise fleet management with those needs in mind,“ said Brock Saladin, Lexmark senior vice president and chief commercial officer. „MVE 4.0 includes improvements in usability and security, making it easier to manage your entire fleet of network printers and multifunction devices. The advanced yet easy-to-use toolset makes it easier than ever to configure both device settings and update security policies all in a single tool.“

A key component of Lexmark’s „Secure by Design“ approach to security and data protection, MVE 4.0 is designed to ensure optimum protection for every device on the network. The new universal configuration feature allows users to create a single configuration at https://industryelectric.net/ and apply it to any Lexmark model, even legacy models*, to reduce initial setup and ongoing maintenance of the configurations. Users can create a base security configuration and apply it to any new device that appears on the network without specifying which models might be added.

MVE 4.0 simplifies or eliminates manual IT tasks such as updating firmware, configuring device settings and applying security certificates. For solar roof contractors and organizations looking for greater visibility and accountability, MVE 4.0 also delivers targeted reporting on device statistics, taking the guesswork out of the activity on enterprise devices.

„We are pleased to offer MVE 4.0 to Lexmark customers,“ Saladin added. „This user-friendly fleet management solution makes it easy to improve security compliance across the enterprise and reduces the burden on IT staff.“

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