Printing Solutions

We offer a complex arrangement of print solutions from printing devices and supplies delivery to service. We offer cost monitoring including access rights management to printing functions of individual employees or departments.

Servers, Networks

In APEKO GROUP data infrastructure is carried out from a design to realization of the project. Usually it consists of cable routes (metal or optic) and wireless links. Delivery of passive and active components such as servers, routers, firewalls or vpn gateways are integrated in the job.


Barcode systems identify, localize and trace goods, proprieties, transactions and people. Usually we carry out these systems in companies that deal in warehousing, logistics, manufacturing or wholesale and retail sale. We also supply medical and educational institutions as well as state and self-government authorities with inventory systems and personnel register systems. These systems are based on barcodes or RFID (radio frequency identification).

Software solutions

Software development used to support printing solutions, barcode solutions and networks. The change of the market and demand for different services underpinned this important segment of APEKO GROUP portfolio and set aside SW development, localization or user platforms customization as an independent unit.

Packaging material

We design suitable packaging technology and optimal equipment of packaging line or department and supply devices and machines as well as packaging material.

Other Services

APEKO GROUP provides other complex services in the field of IT outsourcinghouse alarmswarehousing and logistics as well.

KONFERENCE pro učitele a zřizovatele škol

17. 10. 2017
Společnost APEKO GROUP s.r.o. Vás srdečně zve na KONFERENCI pro učitele a zřizovatele škol.

Nejlepší projektor pro domácí kino

21. 08. 2017
EISA doporučila EPSON EH-TW9300W jako nejlepší projektor pro domácí kino.

Nová verze Proxmox VE 5.0

11. 07. 2017
PROXMOX v nové verzi 5.0 přináší řadu důležitých novinek jako například novou replikaci dat v clusteru.

Záruční servis tiskáren Lexmark

11. 07. 2017
Jako certifikovaný partner provádíme záruční i pozáruční servis tiskáren Lexmark.