Printing Solutions

We offer a complex arrangement of print solutions from printing devices and supplies delivery to service. We offer cost monitoring including access rights management to printing functions of individual employees or departments.

List of solutions:

  • Multifunctional devices, printers, photocopiers, plotters
  • Laser, ink, dot-matrix printers and special printers
  • Rental, sale, lending and warranty and post warranty service
  • Original and alternative consumables
  • Showroom and training room
  • Monitoring and accounting of print costs

Printing solutions provided by APEKO GROUP are primarily based on products by Lexmark International, Inc. This company was established on separated IBM print division in 1991 and became full-bodied provider of print portfolio containing ink printers, multifunctional printers (MFP), powerful matrix printers and complete series of laser devices.

APEKO GROUP Ltd. achieved “Lexmark Expert Partner” status and became one of the top Lexmark’s partners in the Czech Republic.

As we mostly provide services and our main priority is the top quality for reasonable price, choosing the partner for printing solutions was logical. Our costumers not only get high quality products but they can also use above-standard APEKO GROUP services. Commonly the service is done within 24 hours (NBD) at customer’s place, however, 4H-FIX is not exceptional. It means that the device repair is fixed within 4 hours after the request.

Integral part of print solution mostly for bigger customers such as production companies, state or self-government authorities, medical and educational institutions is print costs monitoring or access and process control. For these purposes APEKO GROUP has developed its own product “Apeko Printer Monitor” (APM). It aims to offer not only print monitoring and processing, but also records keeping of printers, their usage among customer’s employees, service records including lists of defects, repair services and spare parts.

Key features of APEKO Printer Monitor:

  • Record keeping of print devices
  • Device moving and location monitor
  • Service monitor
  • Print costs monitor
  • Print device security
  • Safe printing and  postponed printing
  • Printing on any device (FollowMe)
  • Arbitrary user authentication (ID, password, PIN, RFID, …)
  •  Dynamic reports
  • Server-Client architecture
  • Multiplatform access (Windows, Linux, MacOS, …)
  • Multilingual environment for each client

APEKO GROUP provides outsourcing in these branches:

  • Printing solutions outsourcing – all print services can be contracted on lent, rented or already bought print devices. Costs can be accounted lump sum on page or an individual cost center.
  • Print outsourcing – customization of print jobs, documents finishing (completing, punching, stapling, laminating) – more in the section Print Services.