Other Services

APEKO GROUP offers other products and services in these branches:

IT outsourcing

Our customers do not have to worry about IT infrastructure anymore. IT outsourcing is not only meant for companies without their own IT department, but also for those companies that want to save time and money so their IT personnel can focus on their own development or management support. Without any additional costs and money spent on specialized training for employees, IT outsourcing keeps IT infrastructure working continuously.

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House Alarms, Camera Security Systems

We prepare a design of camera security system or house alarm system and we carry out the installation of the project consecutively.

Wireless security system can announce burglary, fire, gas leakage, flooding, danger of frosts or overheating, health problem, violent attack or other risks.

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Warehouse, Logistics

We provide complex solutions for warehousing and logistics services in these fields:

  • Suitable storage house provisioning with respect to required accessibility of goods
  • Completing or dividing of deliveries
  • Goods packaging and palletization
  • Goods identification, marking and labeling

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