House Alarms

We prepare a design of camera security system or house alarm system and we carry out the installation of the project consecutively.

Wireless security system can announce burglary, fire, gas leakage, flooding, danger of frosts or overheating, health problem, violent attack or other risks.

Ways of trespassing detection:

  • Detection of open doors, windows, garage doors, etc.
  • Detection of movement indoors or outdoors, immune to the momevement of animals
  • Detection of broken windows
  • Detection of fire (smoke, gas leak, high temperature), flooding or removal of furniture

System control:

  • Wireless controller
  • Numerical code
  • Via Internet
  • RFID keyfob
  • Key tag
  • Mobile phone

Communication between a house alarm and outside world can be carried out in many ways:

  • Sound signal (internal or external siren, flashing light, bell, gong when a door is open)
  • Via GSM mobile line
  • Via phone line
  • Via Internet

According to used technology the communication comprises:

  • Alarm controlled by SMS or voice mail
  • System control via mobile phone or by internet application
  • Sending photographs of a trespasser from camera detectors
  • Wiretapping of a house
  • Alerts to Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Components of the security system – control panels, communicators, detectors, security cameras, drivers, keypads, sirens, antennas

The security system is fully customized to a particular house; it is user friendly and can be anytime extended.